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Goat Mode

Select 1 player from 6 different teams.
The multiplier of each slot range from X3-X1.25.
You must exceed the Target to earn the bonus from the multiplier.
The fantasy points will be counted as normal.

Pair of Goats (POG) Mode

Contains 3 POG slots with multipliers of
X3, X2, and X1.5.
You must fill POG slots with 2 players from rival teams.
The combined Target of the selected players must be exceeded in order to earn the multiplier bonus.

Combo Mode

A mashup of GOAT and POG Mode.
Choose 1 player from 4 different teams.
The final slot is a POG slot of 2 players from rival teams.
Same scoring rules for the first 4 slots as in GOAT Mode.

Triple G Mode

One game slate mode.
Select 3 players from each team.
The multiplier will range from X3-X1.5.
The scoring rules are the same as
GOAT Mode.


A unique feature of GOAT Draft.
Selected substitution will automatically
fill a qualifying roster spot if the current selection becomes inactive before
the contest.

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GOAT Draft
Every day, win cash prizes and be paid as soon as the contest is completed.
Play with your friends in a public contest or in a private Herd contest.
Every day, pick your favorite stars.
At any time, you can create a new lineup.
Before the lineup lock, you can join a competition at any moment.

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